Alexandra Fiesel

Reflection Part 1

The goal of my website was to be simple in its design, and to have a chic yet sporty feel to it. I wanted to contribute both of these attributes because my personality reflects a side that is both feminine but also is sporty in the way I am dedicated to my sport of running and the way I dress in daily life. I think I achieved this in terms of emotional and responsive design because between by grey textured background, blue emblem symbol, and yellow and grey writing they all encompass either chic and feminine or sporty. I chose the grey textured background because grey in a neutral color that is easy on the eyes, and the diamond tile like design gives it a feminine feel that comes off as subtle because the shade of grey in the pattern is light compared to the almost white color behind it. The blue emblem in the middle is there because I wanted to have something each page had in common. I thought that would be a personal touch of something I could add to the bottom of each page as an indicator to my audience that the end of the page has been reached. I chose a very bold text for my name and put in a golden rod color, and with the navigation bar I chose the same text and put it in a dark grey. I chose the gold color because I liked how it looks with the blue in my emblem, and no matter what kind of personality someone has, gold is a color that is pleasing to everyone. In between the gold and the blue, I chose the dark grey for the navigation bar to break up the gold and blue, and the color scheme of the gold, grey, and blue all look like they go together without looking busy. My over all format didn’t change a lot throughout the process, except for spacing and the sizing of the fonts in each medium. The color scheme was a little difficult to figure out. The emblem was always blue, but the color of my name and navigation, which were going to be the first two things seen on all of my pages changed a few time. First I had my name in a blue similar to the emblem with a lighter grey navigation bar, but the blue on both looked boring. The next color I tried was a dark red which I thought looked nice, but after a while I realized I didn’t like how it looked next to the blue. Once I established that I liked the gold, I also decided to make the grey in the navigation bar darker because the lighter color seemed to blend with the background. If I could add anything to make it more emotional and responsive, I would of added more to the home page to make it more exciting. I like how it looks now with everything we have learned and the time I had to create it. If I had more time to create more designs to put on my website, that would have been my next step in making it more creative.

Reflection Part 2

Creating my webpage was still difficult at times, and there were times where I struggled with the new coding in the beginning stages. The coding we learned for the resume made this time around a lot easier once I learned how to put up the navigation bar, links, and organize each page in my CSS. Once I got to the point of formatting and design, it was very similar to my experience of figuring out my formatting and color schemes for my resume. At this stage it became like a trial and error situation like it was testing out different designs until I was finally happy with the final result. Coding is something I was initially clueless, and scared coming into taking this class that would be able to become comfortable. Learning new things in coding always feels like learning something completely brand new, but once I learn the steps and everything comes together on my webpage, it becomes exciting to think about what you can learn with these new skills. Coding has become something I have become comfortable with over the course of the semester. I feel confident that I understand all of the different aspects of coding we had the chance of learning over the course of the semester. We are only in our beginning stages of coding websites so If I could change my website I would want to learn more advanced ways to code in order to make it a little more unique. I struggled with deciding what more I could put on my home page, so if I had more time I would of put more on the home page to make it a little more exciting. I feel like I executed what I wanted to do in my website but I did it in the simplest way because we only had a half of semester to complete this project, so I definitely want to learn more. For future classes I would suggest doing more classes dedicated to doing step-by- step tutorials because I found that when you gave us online instruction I got easily lost because coding was so unfamiliar to me. I would also give more time for completing this project because I felt like once I became more confident in what I was doing with coding my website, the class came to an end and I could experiment with the different things I could of done. I feel like there was a lot of time in the beginning of the semester before we started the resume project, and in between the resume project and this one where we weren’t actively coding. These were the times were we were learning about coding through reading our textbooks. The reading assigned were helpful at times in understanding design and the purpose of all the little details in coding, but I found I was learning the most when I was actively coding the resume and website.