Alexandra Fiesel

You can find a copy of my resume here. I hope you enjoy reading a little more about me below.

My name is Alexandra Fiesel and I'm a senior communications major at Saint Josephs University. I'm on the cross country and track team and would love to pursue a carreer path where I could utilize my love for sports, competitivness, and creativity. I've had the privilege of having two internships throughout my college carreer that have allowed me to be both creative and competitive.

My first internship was with the womens clothing designer, Derek Lam where I was in the productions department. This was the department in charge of making sure the articles of clothing in upcoming clothing lines were targetting the Derek Lam demographic. It was exciting to see the process of how pieces were adjusted and approved.

More recently, this past summer I interned with the USTA and WTA tennis tournament, the Connecticut Open. Here I was in the sponsorship activation deparemtent which means I was able to work with the companies who sponsored the tournmament. I really enjoyed this internship because I was allowed to use my competitive nature and love of sports in order to encourage the sponors to contribute and invest more into the tournament. We did this through allowing them to sell merchandise on site or we offered them ticket packages so that employees could come and watch matches. Being a part of a sponsorship team in the world of sports, I have learned the importance of not only giving the sponsor exactly what they want and more in terms of investing in sports. I have also learned how important marketing and promoting sports or events to companies is even if my person of contact is already into watching sporting events. Its important to assume that even the most dedicated fans of sports have limited or even no knowledge of the business side of sports. Keeping business interested in sporting events, as well as gaining more fans by promoting teams and players, requires knowledge that goes far beyond understanding the game and player statisticts. You need to know what demographics to target; the companies that attract these groups, and how to tell the companies the most beneficial way they can market through investing. The core beliefs that I believe are essential in my future career path are making relationships, listening needs of different companies, and ro promote honestly how they can benefit from sponsoring sports teams and events.